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New Generation

Shelter & Support for Mothers and Children Experiencing Homelessness

New Generation provides emergency and transitional housing as well as aftercare services to pregnant women, single mothers and their children who are experiencing or transitioning out of homelessness.

Through this work:

  • Mothers and children escape environments of violence, substance use and life on the streets.
  • Mothers are connected to stable employment and affordable housing.
  • Children are raised in supportive, safe and healthy environments.
  • Stronger and more resilient families and communities are built.

Our in-house programs connect residents to employment and a supportive community with access to essentials needed for nurturing family development. Our residents receive intensive case management, life-skills coaching, parenting education and aftercare services, gaining the skills to build a stable life for their family.

New Generation’s staff is highly skilled and trained in parenting counseling, child development, and recovery support. The agency has also implemented Trauma-Informed Care policies and procedures.