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providing a safe family-oriented shelter
for homeless pregnant women and their babies

Programs & Services

New Generation programs and services fulfill a broad range of essential needs for homeless pregnant women and mothers of small children. Our services include providing shelter and food, parenting education, case management, life-skills coaching, transportation, and aftercare services


New Generations provide shelter, food, and basic necessities of daily life to homeless pregnant women and mothers of small children, in a group living shelter setting, as well as a transitional apartment, both under the same roof at our dwelling in Greenland, NH.

Parenting Education

New Generation provides each woman with parenting education, through the Nurturing Parenting Program, an evidence based program.

Case Management

Intensive case management is provided to each woman, and entails introducing and helping our residents access the resources already existing in their communities, assisting with educational and career goals, and providing transportation to appointments, school, employment, and medical care.

Life-Skills Coaching

New Generation provides each resident with opportunities to build the skills they need in their daily lives, such as cooking, money management, and resume-writing. We offer in-house workshops provided by groups and individuals, as well as informal and formal instruction.


New Generation’s Aftercare Program provides ongoing services to past residents of New Generation, and co-ordinates the resources available among the current staff of New Generation and of other community agencies to meet the needs of these past residents and their families. Former residents are our best ambassadors, and proof that what we are doing is making a difference.

Transitional Housing

New Generation’s transitional apartments provide temporary housing (up to 24 months) to women and children facing difficult transitions. Candidates must be working or going to school, and have their own transportation. For example, a single mother may be awaiting an opening for a Section 8 apartment, obtaining additional job training to increase earnings, or rebuilding stability after a divorce has occurred. New Generation accepts Section 8.

Thrift Shop

Second Generation Thrift Shop, where 100% of the proceeds go to supporting the mission of New Generation. Our shop in Greenland provides an array of attractive, ‘gently used’ merchandise-primarily clothing but also home goods and accessories can be found in our shop just off of Rte. 33. New Generation residents receive vocational training by volunteering at the shop if they choose, and receive store vouchers for hours worked, as well as invaluable experience and professional references.

Shop our Thrift Store

“A great big thanks to the New Gen folks for remembering my birthday after all these years, that really means a lot! As for Ruthie, I will NEVER FORGET the day I met her and how she chose me as one of the lucky ones to be a part of New Generation so many years ago. I will always be indebted to her and Toni Trotzer for being instrumental in guiding me during troubled times. So, please let her know that not only do I return the ‘Hello,’ but I would like to extend a ‘Thank you Ruthie!'”… Read more
UrsulaFormer Resident