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providing a safe family-oriented shelter
for homeless pregnant women and their babies

Staff & Board

New Generation is able to fulfill its mission and change lives through the efforts of an extraordinarily committed group of people.

Our Staff

Julie Ford Bailey, Interim Executive Director

Amy Michaels, Family Service Director

Amy Donle, Operations Mgr.

Dot Montoya, Case Manager

Brandy Rickaby, Care Coordinator

Board of Directors

Julie Ford Bailey, President

TBD-Vice President

Diane Withee, Treasurer

Kathleen Kilgore, Secretary

Dr. Sonja Nelson

Dennis Malloy

Bria Day

Morey Goodman

Jen Stout

“A great big thanks to the New Gen folks for remembering my birthday after all these years, that really means a lot! As for Ruthie, I will NEVER FORGET the day I met her and how she chose me as one of the lucky ones to be a part of New Generation so many years ago. I will always be indebted to her and Toni Trotzer for being instrumental in guiding me during troubled times. So, please let her know that not only do I return the ‘Hello,’ but I would like to extend a ‘Thank you Ruthie!'”… Read more
UrsulaFormer Resident