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100% of the proceeds go directly to supporting New Generation programs

Become a Corporate Sponsor

New Generation Corporate Partners Program

Our Corporate Partners Program is designed to be mutually beneficial for New Generation and its corporate sponsors.  This program allows each business to choose the benefits that are most valuable to its business.

Contact  Donna Marsh at (603) 570-2462 or by email at  Our menu includes the following options:

Pearl Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

VIP Sponsor

Sports Memorabilia Sponsor

Supporting Sponsor

Patron Sponsor



Call: 603.436.4989

“When I became pregnant I was scared, and all alone. I felt so confused and unsure of the way my life would be. I went to a home that helped me. They taught me how to change; they picked me up and let me in…they loved me and nurtured me.”
JoyceFormer Resident